Mussolini's Island
By Sarah Day

Tinder Press, February 2017

He knows. Before the loud, insistent knocking, the shouts, the sound of his name being called by a stranger, his mother’s eyes wide with fear; he knows.

Francesco has a memory of his father from early childhood; a night when everything for his family changed.  Since then, he has vowed to live by his missing father’s words. Non mollare. Never give up.

When Francesco is arrested with a group of young men and sent to the island of San Domino, he knows someone has reported them to the fascist police. Locked in spartan dormitories alongside lovers, friends and enemies, resentment and suspicion between the prisoners grows each day.

Elena, a young island girl, is drawn to Francesco, even as her family try to keep her away from him. When she discovers the truth about the prisoners, the fine line between love and hate pulls her towards an act that can only have terrible consequences for all.

Based on the true story of the persecution of gay and bisexual men in fascist Italy,  MUSSOLINI’S ISLAND is a powerful exploration of sexuality and desire, and of the desperate acts committed when individuals fight for their lives and their rights.